2017 SW Youth Conscripts, Volunteers List Scrutinized, Validated

By Paul E. Kode

‘Civic Commitment, Participation in the Development of Cameroon’, is the 2017 Theme for the National Civic Service Agency for Participation & Development (The Agency).
Representing the Governor of the South West region, on Monday July 31, the Chief Scribe in the Governor’s Office, Lawrence Forwang, chaired the meeting that scrutinized and validated the lists of 2017 Conscripts and Volunteers, mobilised by the competent technical services concerned.
The Secretary General pointed out that, The Agency is, ’geared towards the socio-economic development of the Nation through Youth Empowerment, thereby instilling certain core values in them. Such values comprise, Civic Education, promotion of the Spirit of Patriotism and National Integration,’ he added. Mr. Forwang further disclosed that The Agency will train Youths at two levels: 100 Youths will be trained in Tiko for 30 days while the Voluntary Phase of 50 Volunteers, aged between 17-45 years will be trained in a designated Pilot Village in the region.

According to the Southwest Regional Coordinator, Daniel Enow, “the National Civic Service Agency has as mission, to mobilize all energies for the socio-economic and cultural development of Youths. This is achieved by galvanizing their patriotic sense of belonging, discipline, tolerance, general interest, dignity in work, as well as cultivating their civic spirit of patriotism, peace and culture”.
Mr. Enow went on to recall the challenges he and his collaborators faced in the field. That was in their attempt to recruit 132 Conscripts to undergo the 2017 training session in Tiko, with effect from Monday August 7. He said this setback was due to the frozen academic year, imposed by the on-going Anglophone crises. Notwithstanding, he Coordinator disclosed that he and his team eventually succeeded to shortlist 38 girls and 62 boys from Ndian, 35 from Meme, 5 from Manyu, 2 from Kupe-Muanenguba, 48 from Fako and 10 from Lebialem. 31 of them are on the waiting list while 10 were rejected, ‘for age reasons.’
On the other hand, Mr. Daniel Enow revealed that the Volunteers, who comprise 20 women and 30 men from three surrounding villages, will be trained for 6 months, ‘to develop their aptitude in income generating activities, works of general interest in both the formal and informal sector, agriculture, sports and physical education, moral re-armament etc. They will plant and cultivate 100.000 improved cassava cuttings on 15 hectares of land, provided by the Traditional Council of Illoani, Balondo, in Bamusso sub division.

On her part, the Head of Mission from The Agency in Yaoundé, Madame Namondo Eseme reiterated that the 132 Conscripts, aged 17-21, who will be based in Tiko for 30 days, will receive training in Moral re-armament and other disciplines so that at the end, the youths will shun all acts of deviant behaviour. Of course, the other modules will imbue holistic aspects of good citizenship in them, she commented.

At the close of the meeting, some of the Resolutions taken included the one that more youths should still be mobilized from all the 6 divisions in the Southwest region. Also, that, priority will be given to Lebialem division to replace 2 candidates who were earlier rejected. It was equally resolved that consideration will be accorded to those candidates who are on the verge of going beyond the age limit. Those on the incumbent waiting list will also be prioritized.