Late Senator Nfon Emeritus V. E Mukete’s Life Must Be Celebrated

   — Mayor

By omission or commission, the Bafaw tribe, the Meme population, the Southwest people and the Cameroon nation, as a whole have refused to pay a special tribute or celebrate the life of the Late Senator Nfon Emeritus Victor Esemingsongo Mukete one year after his death and burial. The tenth of April, 2022, marking his one year of transition to glory passed unnoticed raising questions as to whether the iconic figure didn’t leave his prints on the sands of time.

             According to a Bafaw elite who doubles as the first municipal magistrate of the Kumba I council, Barrister Prince Moses Eseme, in an exclusive chat with the Eden Media Group, Mayor Eseme remarked, “…the late politician, traditional ruler and farmer had invested too much to improve and develop his community and people to be forgotten so soon at so short a time of his exit from the scene…”.

               Furthermore, the very concerned Bafaw elite and grandson to the Mukete Palace expressed some worries as to why nothing symbolic to show the feelings of loss from his Bafaw people was ever organised.

       Hear him, “…I’m shocked, disturbed and surprised to observe that nothing was done by anyone or groups from far and near to rekindle memories and reawaken spirits of such a great man…”.

Believed to be an error of omission not commission, Mayor Barrister Prince Moses Eseme consoled himself by stating that, “…something must have slipped off the minds of many…I think Late Senator Nfon Emeritus V. E Mukete must be recognised and his legacy and works certificated yearly in the form of a memorial…”.

              Talking about the state of things at the Palace and development of the Bafaw lands, one year after, the young Bafaw politician and defender of good conscience and commonsense noted, “…the appointment and selection of Ekoko Mukete as chief by the late senator was a very wise choice for it’s a blend of knowledge and energy…the palace is doing great with all the envisaged projects being executed to the letter…Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko is level-headed, calm and addresses issues without any fear, favour or bias…he has continued in his father’s prints to be generous, out-reaching and caring…there’s peace and understanding amongst the Bafaw villages and quarter-heads nicknamed, ‘NKUME’, are operating at their best…”.

              Looking back at the life of the Late Senator Nfon Mukete, the Learned Barrister was satisfied and fulfilled.

             He recounts, “…Late Senator Victor Esemingsongo Mukete lived an accomplished life…he succeeded in every venture he undertook because of his courage and foresight…be it in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Great Britain that he went for studies and other European and American countries that he visited for leisure and fun, he made sure he exploited every opportunity to update his mind and gain more experience…he knew, far ahead of the others, the value of land and invested in agriculture and modern mechanical farming…in politics, he made meaningful alliances with the day’s frontline politicians and made his voice heard…even at an extreme age of over a century, the late senator still held briefings in the upper law-making house with energy and conviction…his love for the fatherland was uncontested for he stood for a One, United and Indivisible Cameroon which put him at variance with some of his contemporaries…”.

                 As to whether the deceased mentored younger politicians to prepare the grounds for their succession, Mayor Barrister Prince Moses Eseme nodded with a yes arguing that, “…Late Senator Victor Esemingsongo Mukete always thought of a broad-based political platform by building people around him with similar political agenda…it’s true that his disciples betrayed and failed him towards the end of his career but he took as such…”.

           On lessons learned, Barrister Eseme appealed to his youthful population to be patient, humble, be ready to serve and persevering so as to win the confidence of the old and governing class.

   By Kowack Bandolo

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