ACEFA Agro Pastoral Project To Benefit 350,000 Households In NW

By Ignatius Nji & Philo Happi

The Programme  for the improvement of Competitive of Family Agro pastoral Farms ACEFA, has been upgraded to an agro- pastoral counseling programme  now called Programme for counseling, PCP-ACEFA.

The new structure was launched in Bamenda September 5  atAyaba Noted by the representative of the Governor of the North West Region  the chief cultural and social Affairs.The PCP- ACEFA programme was created on July 14, 2017 for a budget p

Worth  63 billion FCFA,it has a main goal to consolidateand improve counseling service to 350.000 farm Enterprise and the capacity of producer organization to render services of their members. The consolidation and the Sustainability involves the preservation and enhancement of ACEFA achievement. The programme is also expected to finance the modernization of the pride and create an autonomous agency jointly managed by the administration and the producer.

The programme’snational  coordinator Dr. BoubaMoumini, is confident that the North West Region despite the current social unrest.

‘ This situation in the North West Region is not the first   we are facing. We had a similar situations in the far North  withBoko Haram Today, all our advice  are on the   field. No matter the problem, we already inform the administrative authority. We are not afraid because we are interesting for the future of this country. The country can’t developed without problems. We know the problems will be solve anytime, and we have agree to increase our activities on the field so that we can increase the productivities ‘. He said.

In 2008, Cameron with the support of the French government through the French Development Agency, established the ACEFA programme to assist farmers and producer organization to improved on their living conditions. After two phases close following -up of the professional Agro -Pastoral organisation which runs till 2016, the Programme received s third funding phase under the third Debt Reduction and Development contract, C2D. This us in view of the sustainability of the ACEFA counseling mechanism.

To the PCP- ACEFA head, the North West is one of the region that got good result during the second phase. The North West joined the Programme in 2013 and project were finance  from 2015. A total of number of 352 project where finance in the region. For over 1 billion FCFA.

Some 183 counselor and divisional executive staff has been posted to North West and are following up over 1822 producer group with 27436 members in production line such as maize beans cassava, irish potato, rice,coffee, tomatoes, palm oil, yam, cocoyam etc i n the area of agriculture. In livestock, the lines of production for followed up include poultry farming, pigs, cattle sheep goat and bees.

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