Bamenda III Council Extends Water To Bayele

By Ignatius Nji

The Bamenda III Council water scheme has extended it’s water network to Bayele Quarter in Nkwen. This was effected by the inauguration of a public stand tap by Mayor Cletus Fongu Tanwi.
The thirsty population of this quarter were in a jubilant mood as each took turns to drink from the tap using a cupped palm.
The Mayor encouraged the beneficiary population to take proper care of the stand tap by keeping the environment clean and to make sure that children don’t transform it in to a play thing.
Meanwhile people who can afford in the quarter can now have water connected to their homes by the technical service of the water scheme.
Thereafter Councilors were called into session Friday May 17 to delibrate on the 2018 administrative, management and account seesion. Given that there was tension in town following a ghost town call imposed by pro-independence fighters, only 21 Councilors registered present.
The works committee chairman, Councilor Lucas Nguh Afong, observed in his report that because of tension following the ongoing crisis, the welfare of  the people was not the best last year.
Bamenda III municipality with it’s high sense of hospitality plays host to thousands of Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs running away from their areas. He lauded the mayor, who has from time to time reached out to these families who ran away from very hot zones to find refuge in Bamenda.
2018 was another blank school year where more children didn’t go to school following the threats of abductions.
The committee also reported how trees have been rampantly felled in the municipality  and this caused the wind to destroy so many crops. In this light Councilors were called upon to encourage their constituents to plant more trees to protect crops from wind.
And finally the committee chairman thanked the administration of Bamenda III SubDivision for making sure that an identification center is created in Bamenda III. This center would hence act as a relief to the people of Bamenda who use to travel distances just to establish an NID card.
On his part the finance committee chairman, Councilor Samuel Mbuya, commenced his report with a congratulatory note to the Mayor and his team for making the impossible, possible by investing up to 71% of the revenue and using 29% for recurrent, a feat which is unheard of in recent times.
In 2018, the council budgeted fcfa 1.035.771.731 and realized a revenue of fcfa 677.685.600. At this juncture the Mayor was authorized to incorporate some budgetary allocations that came in from the State.
The supervisory authority thanked the population of Bamenda III for the relative peace witnessed during this trying moments.  To him the administration applauds the population for the serenity and that his heirarchy had taken note.
Mayor Fongu, thanked the councilors for the smooth deliberately and wished them a safe return to their homes.

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