Bishop Bibi “Money” Maibesue Should Resign

  By Mercy Chia, Elizabeth Tatah, John Orock Ntui, Sampson Sone, Lucas Asanji, & Richard Atem

26th February 2022 will be remembered as the day when Papa Foyer, and Bishop Money asked for palm fronts and Cicam wrapper to be placed on the road from Molyko to the leaky Cathedral, to “showcase” his power and authority over the Diocese. Joyce Mbong and the other Mafia wives could be seen in expensive dresses shaking their buttocks and dancing like ‘ladies.’ The other women were singing, children were dancing, the choir had Holy Ghost fire in them and was gyrating uncontrollably. Some were about to fall, gripped by the spirit. The priests walking into the cathedral were terrified, looking seriously drained. They were not sure of what was coming down the pipeline, with Bibi backed to the wall. On 11 February, 2022, the Bapec Mafia had issued a Letter of Solidarity and Communion with Bibi. Our Bamenda correspondent says the Mafia defended one of their own, and vouched for Bibi’s good character, accusing God’s holy people as casting ’aspersions,’ distortion,’ and ’manipulation’ in order to “misinform, divide and mislead the public.’ They gave a ringing and glowing endorsement of Bibi.

            What was alarming on the 26th is that none of these Bishops who had given Bibi this glowing endorse-ment showed up at his first anniversary mass. Our Buea correspondent thought since these men love alms and money, they would show up at offertory, but they were a no-show.

          Our correspondent says it reminded her of the biblical passage: “These people honour me with lip service, while their hearts are far from me.” (Matt 15:18). Bibi was already dam- aged goods that they were attempting to prop up, but they did not want to physically associate themselves with him. Cameroonian lawyers love to brag in court that when you put your character in issue, they have a right to cross-examine you. Two days after his triumphant entry into Molyko,

        Bibi, the youngest son of Baal, got a rude awakening. He was criminally indicted for forgery and theft. Never in the history of Bamenda Ecclesiastical province has a Bishop ever been indicted for criminal activity, and sued in Rome. Our Rome correspondent says these sons have been stealing church money for years and mismanaging funds belonging to God’s holy people, but that the difference this time is that a sitting Bishop went through illegal channels to steal money not belonging to him or to the Diocese. Under Cameroonian law, it is theft and forgery, but under Canon Law, a Bishop can be removed from office for criminal activities and abuse of power. This is what these sons of Baal are most afraid of.

        This video has been viewed more than 10000 times, and all Catholic Christians who have viewed this,    have bent their heads in shame. Bibi’s problems are just beginning, and one Reverend sister told our correspondent, that Bibi should do the honourable thing and resign because he has already been damaged by the scandal.

          Little kids growing up will watch that same video, and when Bibi says you shall not steal, a kid will stand up and say to him, but you went to a bank and stole money meant for children impacted by the Anglophone war. Rome needs to adjudicate on the matter, and it will not bode well for him. The sister was curious why Bibi cannot solve the issue now and beg for the case to be withdrawn from Rome?

            Our Washington DC correspondent says this case has a wider ramification than these sons know. The AfricaE5 Foundation raised the funds in the United States, they pay taxes in the USA, and they are a legitimate organization with the IRS EIN number, and a constituted Board and card carrying members. What if they are dissatisfied with the process in Rome, can they sue Buea Diocese through the Vatican embassy in Washington?

           If a judge agrees that they should be compensated, can they go after the property of the Vatican Embassy in Washington to reclaim their money?

           What if Bibi fails to appear before a judge in Arizona? Can he be arrested when visiting the US? Can his visa be revoked? Our correspondent says these are all legitimate questions that attorneys will be asking, and that Bibi is in for a very rough time indeed. In Part Thirty-Five of the Catholic Investigator               entitled

            “The Bapec Mafia and Essingan,” we wrote: “Lights, Camera, action! Bishop Money welcomes Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and members of the clan to the Bishop’s house. Bishop Money meets with him in camera, then the lights go off. Suddenly, the lights are the High Priest Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh sitting at the throne, and ready to perform the rituals on a red and white altar. At one end of the room, you can see a priest looking uncomfortable and fidgety. At the other end, you can see Bishop Money, with both hands between his legs, in trepidation, waiting for the grand master to begin the ceremony. The initiation process has begun. Long throat na money go kill you.” Our investigative correspondent says the mass for little Enondiale that was scheduled for this days was abruptly postponed, and Bibi gave a weak reason why it was postponed, only to be seen with Ferdinand Ngoh-Ngoh at his private chapel. Our correspondent says this was an occultic ceremony. Ngoh Ngoh did not come for the funeral of little Enondiale. How many of these ministers went to Ngarbur after the massacre, or during the mass?

        Paul Biya has visited several Catholic churches, but never has he been given the Bishop’s seat, the symbol of his pastoral authority. In the case of Bibi, Ferdinand Ngoh-Ngoh sat there with them. It is alleged that this was Bibi’s initiation by the grand master. This occultic and demonic action was enough to disqualify him from office. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; and to God what is God’s. You cannot be a slave of two masters. Bibi needs to resign. Our correspondent says when Bishops hold conference calls to denigrate their priests, or to give talking points to non-priests, and priests alike, to undermine the good name of other priests, it is mortal sin, and they should resign. Lastly, the Papal Bull story is not going away. Our Mamfe correspondent says when the head of the Genovese Crime family, Aloysius Fondong, takes demonic possession of Mamfe, and receives his Papal Bull, the pressure will mount on Bibi to produce his own, and follow Canon 382, in order to get his full faculties from Pope Francis.

          Right now, he is a ’choronko’ ’okrika’ bishop who should step down for not fulfilling the requirements of Canon Law. And that is why God’s holy people would immediately seize Bibi’s mitre, and give to Kouakam Narcisse to use it to play fake Bishop. His ziers because they are better shepherds tending to their cows with grace and humility. His chausible will be cut and sewn into the big dross that the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters use. His fisherman’s ring will be dragged from his finger and handed to the Bakingili fishermen’s association because of their expertise in catching the best fish. They will drag them to Ekondo Titi, and placed them near the creek. God’s people would call on Papa Lungla Aselm Wirba, another Diocesan crook to plead their case.

        Sweat will be pouring on his face on to his misty glasses. He will say in a subdued voice, as if afraid of what is coming for him. “Please I beg you, do not harm your very intelligent and people-centric bishops. They have done a great job in the Diocese with all the buildings they have erected.

       Please do not kill them!” God’s holy people would refuse to hear what he is saying because he wants to protect crooks and thieves from prosecution. Kill them! Kill them now!

         They will place each of them on a separate boat and drag them to the middle of the ocean, and abandoned there so that they can drift from one end to the other with no land in sight.

           The sharks and whales shall be waiting for them when they have been salted like moukanjoh fish, with no food for 3 days. They will raise their hands to heaven crying and begging for real water to drink and for food to eat. Papa Abraham will refuse to dip his finger to quench their thirst because they have been too vicious and ruthless. They will die with their lips dry and cracked with shit all over the boats. A strong wave will knock those boats and they will capsize and be eaten by the sharks, separating the meat from the poop.

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