Bored Of Singing Same Old Song, Mps Prefer Roaming Attend Session

By Ignatius Nji               

         Less than 31 MPs register present for session daily during the ongoing March session. Only 30 MPs out of the 180 that make up the legislative chambers are said to have answered present at the plenary that saw the House Speaker going nerves high.

       MPs who elected anonymity told this reporter that with present state of affair the public shouldn’t expect much given that MPs have very little to contribute to an already resolved government bills.    This development did not go unnoticed as the long serving speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Yegue Djibril, castigated Members of Parliament, MPs for boycotting sessions.  Speaking at a recent plenary, the Speaker said, most lawmakers spend time loitering around Yaounde seeking pleasure.  Cavaye stated that most of the MPs will end up having nothing to tell their population because they don’t even know what was done throughout the March session.           

  Going by the Speaker, if constituents seek to know what their MPs did in Yaounde throughout this period, most lawmakers would only stutter because they know nothing and therefore have nothing to say

          Reacting to the House Speaker’s outburst in corroboration, Hon Koupit Adamu of the opposition Cameroon Democratic Union, CDU, said: “When the Speaker of the National Assembly condemns this as he did, I think he has the right to do so,” adding that the persistent absence from session is because of the lack of sanctions on MPs.                   

     “Concerning the internal regulations of the National assembly, there is no measure assembly, there is no measure concerning the absence of parliamentarians within session and no sanction is envisaged,” the MP said.

                       The standing orders of the National Assembly states in section 71 that members of parliament can give proxy or absent from a session only when they are sick, on a mission, in case of force majeur and others circumstances.       

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