Buea Council Elects New Deputy Mayor

By Bama Cham
The position of fourth deputy Mayor of the Buea council now has a new occupant.
Madam Rose Gembo was unanimously proclaimed to the rank during the 2nd ordinary session of the Buea council dedicated for the examination and adoption of the 2017 run budget last Tuesday December 20, chaired by the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako,Supervisory Authority of councils, Mr Zang III in Buea.
Madam Rose Gembo,councilor, replaced Dr Ojongpot Comfort observed to be constantly absent from council sessions.
Against this background, councilors proposed and agreed on the choice of the later to replace the outgoing fourth deputy Mayor.
Before presenting the new year, Mayor Ekema Patrick reviewed the Infrastructure, education, health and sanitation, sports and leisure,development of personnel among several strides towards local community development in the 2016 year.
He decried the council staff stating that “A lot of them are adamant to change.it’s appalling that this institution is still being rocked by indolence laxity,care free unproductiveness, and share misappropriation of council funds,gross insubordination, vicious inertia and lack of initiative compounded by blackmail and gossips, have continued to drag the name of the institution in mud”.
Plans were disclosed to upgrade the socioeconomic development of the municipality with particular attention to building infrastructure, supply of portable water and electricity, addressing of the vulnerable and less privilege within Buea. Intensify action in the domain of hygiene and sanitation.
In other to paved way for better development planning, the Buea council envisage to partner with GEO informatique development and natural resources management promotion center in view of surveying and producing a map surveying all the existing road types within this BUEA municipality a construction company to draw a master road plan of the municipality: seasonal roads,farm to market roads.
The development purse for the 2017 financial year of the BUEA council is balanced at over 2billion in both income and expenditure. It has witnessed an increase if 320million Frs as up from the 2016 budget. The significant increase,the mayor said, indicates the volume of infrastructural development, recruitment of personnel, allocation of allowances to municipal authorities decreed by the head of state, to be engaged by the council in the upcoming year.
In his opening remarks, the supervisory authority of councils and Fako’s senior divisional officer Mr Zang III encouraged the BUEA council team not to relent efforts in bringing meaningful development to the municipality considering it imposing status within the region. He frowned at the issues on laxity raised by Mayor Ekema and promised stringent measures to bring to books violators of municipal orders.