Buea Muslims Brave Security Threats, Celebrate Tasbaski

  By Paul E. Kode & Brian . A Fomukong

It was a real show of devotion to Allah as Muslims defied the heavy torrential and elastic downpour of rain, amidst a heavy contingent of mixed security agents of the BIR, Gendarmerie and the Police, as they assembled at the Buea Islamic Complex Central Mosque in their numbers, on Tuesday 21, August, 2018 to celebrate the solemn commemoration of the supreme Act of the Symbolic Sacrifice of the Ram, by the Prophet Mohammed – called Tabaski.

The core message from Chief Imam of Buea, His Eminence, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar, resounded in his faithfuls’ ears … to uplift their minds above the smug, ‘compassionate deficit’ complacency.  It also called for reconciliation of each individual with Allah. In other words, his sermon resonated in tandem with the central philosophy of all other known religious persuasions of note.

This includes the Hindus, Lord Gautama’s Buddhism, Zoroastrians, Jains of old and the Bahais and other Christian denominations of today. The Christians express this dogma as, ‘love thy neighbor as thyself. In other words, one should endeavor to be a ‘Practical Christian’ daily. One finds this same admonition in the Bhagavat Gita of the Hindus, written in Sanskrit. This was recorded in the rare historic session of transmission of wisdom, to the Chela (disciple) Arjuna, when he prostrated at the feet of Lord Krishna. It is interesting to note that the tenets of this year’s Tabaski message were identical as broadcast in all the Mosques in Cameroon.

One can therefore easily infer that all great religions in the world converge on one and the same inexorable principle: obedience, (as ably demonstrated by Abraham, par excellence), peace, love, tolerance, forgiveness, patience, compassion, patriotism etc. And all this is geared to enable Man enjoy his brief sojourn, on this Lady Terra’s beautiful mantle called – The Earth.

It should be recalled that this is exactly how Men actually lived during the era of the Holy Innocents in the World until – the Laggards precipitated their downfall. They deliberately and consciously separated themselves from the daily loving, divine companionship of the gods and goddesses … till date. However, there was indeed a brief replica of this Golden Age, as meticulously recounted in the ‘Odysseus’ (King of Ithaca) saga. Homer’s ‘Iliad’ also graphically chronicles this harmonious and perfectly natural alliance between Man and highly evolved Ethereal Beings, especially during the Trojan War. It should be noted too, that this natural life style was common place in the epoch of the ancient Atlantis, Greeks, Romans and Israelites.  Hence, the Imam of Buea’s unequivocal message, for Man to reconcile himself with his God, as of yore.  That apparently innocuous injunction veritably embodies a plethora of Truth.

In an address to the press, the Imam indicated that the singular act of obedience by Abraham to God have seen Muslim across the world commemorate the Tabaski yearly on the 10th day of the 12th month of the Muslim calendar while laying emphasis that one of the essential aspects of the Islamic religion is education adding that the first message received by Prophet Mohammed was “Read” thus, education is priceless and nothing we do is worth sacrificing the education of our children. The crisis we face today in the northwest and Southwest according to the Imam is not enough to sacrifice the education of the youths, he called on all especially the Muslim faithful’s to reserves funds for the education of their children as well as to the powers that be, that whether the “bone” of contention is legitimate or illegitimate, they should prioritize the education of the youths, because the youths we fail to educate today will eventually terrorize the community tomorrow.

The occasion was witnessed by the Chief Scribe in the Southwest Governor’s Office, the Lord Mayor of Buea Council and the cream of the Buea population.



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