City Mayor At Fako IB

Today I want to first of all thank the population that have came to express their gratitude to the great national party headed by our great national president, the chair person of our beloved party CPDM his H.E Paul Biya.

   It is a sense of gratitude for my position that I incarnate as the city Mayor of Limbe and I hield from this particular section. So I want to also thank the population for being part of this wonderful day the 37th anniversary of the asention to Power. So I think I also have to thank the head of state for investing and getting the confidence that he has be stalled upon my personality and the people of Limbe II. I know the responsibility as a young man it’s huge but I know that the head of state is there watching and the government is there to support us. So I want to seize the opportunity to tell the population that no matter the challenges of the city council, everything will be alright and we are very hopeful and we are going to put our hands together to make sure that the development that we need in this particular limbe is pushed to a high level, people also need their social amenities which I am ready and very determined to make sure I satisfy the population.

You know the head of state is in love with youth, he usually says the youths are the future of tomorrow and has proven behond reasonable doubts that he means what he said. For me as a young person and all the other institutions and establishments that he has put for youths to manifest all their capacity and benefits so that they can empower themselves is a wonderful contribution that i want to really appreciate by the head of state because away from my inversition if you look at the government what he is doing for the youths, the government is very huge especially when we talk of the youth council all other projects that we may not probably mention here, if you want me to mention one like the drinal plan that the youths are very igger to manifest their talent to make sure they achieve what the head of state has put in place. So the head of state is the father of the nation and I want to call all the youths of Limbe II, Limbe, all the youths of Fako, all the youths of South West and Cameroon to get the confidence of the head of state because whatever he says, he does it and I want to tell my fellow youths who are abroad, across the globe that they should have confidence to their own state and they should have in the head of state because what the head of state has done to me, I am not the first person but this one is very alarming because I am the youngest City Mayor of Cameroon amongst the 14 city council. So I want to tell them that they should be hopeful, they should trust the head of state because whatever he does, what he says, he does it. So they should put their hands together, be responsible, be loyal be patriotic be calm, it’s not that we have to cause problem because because the head of state listens to every youth cry and only this my particular inversition and move to my election is a significant testimony of what the head of state can do for the youths. 

Well thank you very much, it is a very pathetic situation of the cholera outbreak you know is something something that just happened and we are working towards a success of it because we are doing everything possible, the government is doing everything possible to make sure that we reduce the affected population, those who are affected and the government is taking measures to make sure that everything comes to normal because the government is working hard. The health officials are doing their best and belief me in the days ahead we will realize that the everything is back to normal, people should have confidence with the administrators and also they should follow the practical measures that have been put in in place for the cut down of the cholera spread thank you.

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