CPDM Boyo IV Section Celebrates Appointment Of Daughter At Addax petroleum *Urge Girl Child Education

By Ignatius Nji

Militants and sympathizers of the CPDM party of Boyo IV in Bum Subdivision during celebrations marking the 37th Anniversary of the ruling party with President Paul Biya at the helm, came out in their numbers in Fonfuka to say thank you for the appointment of one of theirs Jessica Newi Lengha Abega, to the prestigious position of Deputy General Manager of ADDAX Petroleum Cameroon Company. In spotlighting this daughter of Bum who was distinguished by the Head of State, the Section encouraged back to School and the Education of the Girl child by calling on parents to send children to school without discrimination of the Girl child. The Section encouraged parents to brave the current Socio-political situation to bring back their children to school so that they may also be a source of celebration tomorrow.

             According to the Section President, Michael Ban Ngong, this is the first ever appointment of a child of Bum into a position which calls for celebration given that Boyo IV Section has been an orphan for decades despite their unflinching loyalty to the CPDM ideology and President Paul Biya’s philosophy of fairness in politics.

              He lamented that because of her location and surrounded by areas with hostile separatist philosophy, Bum Subdivision has remained a victim of circumstances. Also, with the bad road network, people are unable to move in or out of the Subdivision. As a pedagogue, the Section President said people should get prepared to send their children to school come September and that children that were displaced from Bum to go to school elsewhere should be brought back because Bum is now safe.

        On his part the Mayor of the Fonfuka Council, Philip Gwe Chia called on his people not to allow themselves to be used as proxies for separatist activities. “.. ..Each time I step foot in to Fonfuka, I start receiving calls from the bush which means you are the ones informing them of my movement. The day you people will say come and stay among us I will do just that because my security is in your hands…”  he said.

The Mayor raised the hand of the newly appointed Deputy General Manager saying, Bum is now on the table and shall also be able to decide on which chunk of the cake to give who.  “….I have always told people I meet that, the problem in the country has never been the question of living together but that of eating together…..we now have one of ours in a position of power….” he continued.

            Corroborating the Mayor, Prince Ngwieh Michelson, an Elite and a party scribe in Boyo IV Section, said the distribution of Resources is the bone of contention not living together because Christians are getting married to Muslims and Northwesterners / Southwesterners are getting married to people of other Regions. Talking on behalf of the Elites of Bum Subdivision, Prince Ngwieh while urging Madam Abega to assume her responsibility as one of the top elite in the Sub division said the elite class has been empowered to foster development of Bum.

           Senator John Wanlo who is one of the personalities of Boyo IV CPDM Section, Bum through a representative Nicodemus Tata , called on his people not to joke with education which to him, is the lone means to open any door for everybody.

             The guest of honour, Jessica Newi Lengha Abega saluted her people saying, she is what she is today thanks to them and her Education.  She said Education of the girl child should be prioritized to give opportunities to all.

         “..Our people had the wrong notion of saying that girls are good for marriage and nothing more….if President BIYA saw me, it is because I went to school…… in September everybody should get the children to school and those who are out of Fonfuka should pack their bags and come back because normalcy has returned to Bum ….” She continued.

                 During the celebration of the party’s Anniversary, the Section organized sports tournaments of Handball Girls and Football Boys. Veteran clubs from Konene, Kimbi and Fonfuka kick started the celebration. After the matches, the celebrants of Boyo IV- BUM Section proceeded with a Victory March which consisted of all the participating teams, motorbike riders, dance groups and horse riders, from the football ground to the ceremonial ground. All those who participated in making the ceremony colourful and a success received cash prizes. 

             Boyo IV Section promised to multiply the tournaments to culminate with the next school year. Coming forth is an envisaged sports tournament for 20 May to celebrate the National Day and a Summer Holiday tournament to keep the youths in the Subdivision busy and not available to be lured to the separatist movement groups. The Mayor also announced Holidays job for students during this Summer.

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