CPDM Senator Urges Biya To Personally Tackle Anglophone Crisis

By Ignatius Nji

Senator Chief Dr. Simon Anja Ngwo, from Akwaya reportedly took the rostrum at the Senate by storm with the question as to why the upper house has remained so silent on the aggravating crisis in the two Anglophone regions.  Standing out of the usual fear factor that characterize CPDM militants in the face of question hierarchy, Senator Chief Dr. Anja, questioned the House as to why can the President of the Senate not empowered by the House to go and meet president Paul Biya on the said issue.

According to the fearless Senator, the crisis is escalating every minute whereas several delegations have been sent to the regions and back yet the people have remained adamant. To him, it was time President Biya, should personally address the issue and lay it to rest. He challenged his peers at the upper house to make adequate use of the knowledge they have acquired over the years.

Hear him, “We are not using the knowledge that we have acquired, every one of us is well qualified. Why can we not put this knowledge in to proper use? Our President is here, can we not advise him to appeal to the Head of State to go talk personally to his people? Must it only be Anja or Mister this to go and talk? When we go and talk they don’t listen. If he himself stands out and be talking, people would be watching, looking at his face, hearing the type words he uses and the consoling statements that he makes and would see calmness and peace would reign.”

As father of the nation, he thinks the people would very much want to hear from him directly and not through third parties. And more to that administration is talking to the people. As a traditional ruler who is directly feeling the pinch of the crisis is worried that they at the senate are just sitting and doing nothing to have situation addressed. He questioned whether Senators are looking for a good or bad Cameroon and whether they don’t know God and whether a junior man can not advise a bigman.

Should the Head of State is advised to take up this challenge to talk to his people directly, there would be drastic change in the hearts of the people and should he turn it down then he Anja is sorry. The Senator from Akwaya made it clear that he is by this measure putting to rest his conscience should nothing be done and things continue the way they are unfolding. These third parties have all run out of the peoples’ trust and confidence reason why they turn a deaf ear to anything they go to say.

The Senator reiterated that there is no time to waste given the speed at which the events are evolving from bad to worse and should anything more difficult crops up tomorrow they of the upper house should be ready to share in the blame of neglect and not say they did not know.

The silence exhibited by Anglophone members of both the lower and upper houses is getting to the nerves of moderates. Since the outburst of Hon Wirba Joseph and subsequently Hon Simon Fobi Nchinda trying to draw Parliament’s attention to the crisis, all other Anglophones in the two houses have maintained sealed lips not excluding the SDF new team at the upper house.

Pundits are beginning to question whether they have not been compromised with positions and benefits within the House of Lords. At the swearing in, all Senators of Anglophone Regions had promised to reporters that their priority as they begin sessions is to have Anglophone crisis tabled for discussion with possible solutions. This pledge, six months into their mandate, the gentlemen and women are drown in business as usual while their people are wallowing in Refugee camps in Nigeria and some in the bushes while others are moving from town to town. The killings and razing of whole villages are the price the people must pay for asking for a good life.

It should be noted that as far back as 2015, Senator Chief Dr. Anja, started having a feeling of insecurity in his Akwaya Sub Division. As Chief of Bantakpa village one of the 99 villages that make up for Akwaya Sub Division, he drew the attention of the Minister of Defense severally to look in to porosity of the area given its closeness to Nigeria.

His fears at the time was directed towards the Boko Haram insurgents who can easily kidnap an appointed official like himself and ask for ransom, in the false hope that Senators in Cameroon have money like those of Nigeria. The government did very little in terms of security and in 2016 the outburst of the Anglophone crisis turned the place in to a no go area for most them. Because of insecurity, his people all moved out of the village in to Nigeria and some are in the bushes.

The Senator sent some financial resources to his people in bushes and in Nigeria and the money was turned down saying they want to come home. The Senator should plead with the powers that be to work for peace to return to the village for them to resume their normal lives.



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