Eseka Mourns Sudden Death Of Bishop

By Evaristus Eyong & Solange Bawe
The Catholic family has recorded uncountable number of lose since May 2017 following the sudden disappearance of the former Bishop of Bafia Mgr. Jean –Marie Benoit Balla whose corpse was later found in the Sanaga river by a fisherman. The same tragedy hits Eseka as a bishop is found dead in his room in the early hours of Saturday morning on 25, August 2018.
The bishop of the Eseka Diocese, Mgr. Dieudonne Bogmis, Cameroonian Roman Catholic prelate died on, August 25, 2018, at age 63. He was found dead in the early hours of the morning at about 10:20am according to information reaching Eden. According to reports, he was last seen on Friday 24, August 2018. Born on January 12, 1955 in Nyanon, Logbikoy, Littoral region, Dieudonne Bogmis was the head of Diocese since October 15, 2004.
For now there is no information on the cause of this sudden death. The bishop did his primary studies in his native village and secondary studies at Petit Seminaire De Bonepoupa; he then studied Philosophy and Theology at the Grand Seminary in Bambui, and then completed his studies in Belgium where he obtained a doctorate in Theology.
Mgr. Dieudonne Bogmis was ordained priest on June 30, 1983 where he was appointed auxiliary bishop Of Douala and titular bishop of Gadiaufala on February 9, 1999. Later on, he was appointed second bishop of Eseka on October 15, 2004, succeeding Jean Bosco Ntep. After dedicating the Parish church of Mom Dibang on December 26, 2005, the new economic structures of the Eseka diocese, in particular, the Palm Grove of Dilongwo, he then took the opportunity to congratulate and encourage all those who took an active part in the diocesan financing project and who in their daily actions fought relentlessly against poverty in rural areas. From January to July 2005, Mgr. Dieudonne Bogmis carried out pastoral tours in all the parishes and structures of the diocese.

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