Former CPDM Mayor Crosses Carpet To SDF

By Ignatius Nji
Simon Shidu, a retired veterinary nurse who was former deputy mayor for Misaje council from 1996 to 2002, on the CPDM ticket has finally throw in the towel for an open romance with the SDF as a new convert. According to him the CPDM in Misaje has moved away from the original principles and ideals of the party which is placing general interest before personal interest. To him, because of the high position of influence, some villages are favored in terms of allocation of developmental projects against other that are tagged as opposition.
Coming from Dumbu, a village noted for its adherence to the opposition in support of the Maah Isaac, the newly elected District Chairman for Misaje SDF electoral district, Simon Shidu says militating in the CPDM without having anything to show for it only to earn snare looks from his people, is better to embrace the SDF and be at peace while fighting to take power. He reiterated that Dumbu has in the last three years been sidelined from benefiting from projects from the State given that those who wail power in Misaje openly tell the Dumbu people that they shall reap nothing from a government they do not support. Hear him, “Government created a Government Technical college in Dumbu and for three years it is still being hosted in private house and the people of Dumbu, were hoping to have at least a classroom in the 2017 budget but nothing has filtered for Dumbu. Government primary school Dumbu has been reduced to ruins yet nobody is saying anything whereas in Chunghe village with just about 300 inhabitants has been gagged with various projects. The Dumbu community has decided to construct some classrooms to host the GTC and Senator Wanlo John who only got wind of the community effort has donated four bundles of zinc for the roofing. This was the same scenario when the people wanted a secondary school in the village at all cost and when it was not forth coming the community created one and ran it for three years before government took over and today it has risen to a high school.
According to Ignatius Tumba, a CPDM militant by conviction, the action by the former mayor can be qualified to that of a prostitute. And that such a person in politics cannot be trusted. As for him, he believes that stead fastness in one political party is what makes a militant a gentleman. He acknowledged that though the vision as crafted in 2007 by Minister Fuh Calistus, has changed but fighting to change things from within is better.