Hon. Gladys Etombi Donates

By Mark Thomas Otteh Anyandjuh

In her usual character of extending a helping hand to those in need, Hon. Gladys Etombi, Deputy Chief Whip of the CPDM Parliamentary Group at the National Assembly, paid a timely visit to the cholera treatment center at the Bota District Hospital (BDH) to see for herself the impact of the epidemic.

             On the spot to welcome her, was Dr Marcus Moleka, Director of the medical facility whose conspicuous presence at the hospital to not only accompany his collaborators on both day and night shifts, but also keep tabs on the evolution of the situation of the cholera victims.

         While elucidating on the situation of the different categories of patients under his care, the boss of the BDH now a typical Oliver Twist always asking for more, drew the attention of the Member of Parliament for Fako East Constituency to the insufficiency of cholera beds for the rising number of cases at the various treatment centers.

              Touched by the situation on ground and the request from Dr Moleka, Hon Etombi took off to Sappa Road, a commercial hub in Limbe, where she paid for a good quantity of the needed items.

        Speaking to the press latter Hon Etombi called on all to maintain basic day-to-day hygiene and sanitation habits.

               “…we are aware that this kind of epidemic is caused by dirty water and food consumed by victims. Since many people are infected in many parts of the city, we are very sure it has been caused by water…” the MP asserted.

Her assertion that dirty water is the cause of the cholera epidemic corroborates the statement of many that the cholera epidemic is filth not myth.

Questions To Government

       Though donations came in from the member of parliament, some pharmacies in the city of Limbe and Douala, the WHO, DAWN, SONARA, CDC, Limbe City Council, the three sub divisional councils and others, Dr Marcus Moleka of Bota District Hospital, Dr Lando Arielle of PMI Down Beach and Dr Nsangou Mouliom of the Regional Hospital Limbe have all decried shortage in Fluids, drip stands, specialized medical staff and more cholera beds.

            If poor environmental sanitation and hygiene and lack of portable water have been largely blamed as the underscoring reasons for cholera outbreaks, there is the question of what did government do to prevent its spread considering that the disease showed its ugly head back in October 2021?

           Why was so much energy and finance pumped into the fight against Covid 19 and not cholera that in Limbe has consumed more lives that the Corona virus?

            When is the unit in charge of managing funds for emergency mishaps of this nature going to react?

                With the rising number of infected cases and deaths, drastic measure are needed and now.

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