Misaje Council Raise Fcfa15 Million In Local Revenue, Salutes Cattle Grazers

                                    By Sally Iyah

      Misaje Council was able to generate Fcfa 15,775,388 in local revenue in 2021 which according to Councilor Gregory Kinlo Ngeh, this amount represents 4.2% of the total revenue of Fcfa 371,598,587 realized from the projected Fcfa 552,201,977 budgeted for 2021.  This percentage realized in local revenue doubles the percentage realized in 2020 which stood at 2.54%. Though haven witnessed an increase in local revenue, the Council administering head blamed the low level performance to the gloomy economic atmosphere of the entire region.           

           This revelations were made during the Council administrative, Management and Account Session that held on Saturday March 26, 2022 and presided over by the First deputy Mayor  Gregory Kinlo Ngeh in the presence of the supervisory authority.           

                  The Mayor saluted cattle grazers for paying the jangali tax and warned that those who failed to declare and pay in 2021 their names shall be forward to effect forceful recovery using the legal instruments in place.              

             The Council realized Fcfa 371,598,587 in absolute terms representing 67.3% in relative terms and total expenditure stood at Fcfa 365,472,737 representing 66.2% with a brought forward of Fcfa 6,125,850 an amount for the Mayor quickly told his Councilors that this amount was not cash stocked in the Council coffers but an investment revenue still in the bank. “…….You may be preoccupied with the fabulous sum of 6,125,850FCFA being excess of revenue over expenditure. This excess in reality is not money that was kept idling in the cash steel of the treasurer, but rather investment revenue that is in our accounts with the regional treasury Bamenda, Bank Atlantique and Ecobank….” he said.   

     The Mayor reminded the councilors of their cardinal obligation as local representative of the people which according to him is to improve on the living standards of the people in the municipality. Entering the third year in office means the mandate expires in just two years and the people are expectant of their performance which would in a way guarantee them picking another mandate. The Mayor called on fellow councilors to stay in physical touch  with their people and bring to the council, needs based challenges that warrants the council intervention. “…We are entering the 3rd year of our mandate given to us by the sons and daughters of this municipality, and as such, we must know that the prosperity of the council area lies in our hands. I am supplicating that we should be focused on the betterment of the living standards of our people. Thus, we must periodically get back to our various communities, listen to their challenges and bring same to this honourable assembly……” he said.     

        As measures to boost local collectivity, councilors were task to educate economic operators on the need to pay their local taxes to the council and that this can only be achieved by imploring courage and love for the municipality. “….If we muster courage, good faith and love for the wellbeing of our municipality, local collections can readily go beyond this level. We should educate tax payers not to copy bad examples from other councils…. ” he said. 

          The Mayor also revealed that revenue devolved to councils within the framework of decentralization by the state and other decentralized bodies, Misaje had an approximate 64% of her total realization.

              On his part the Supervisory Authority saluted the people of Misaje for refusing to partake in separatist ideology witnessed in other council area. He called on the councilors to educating the public on the need to remain peace which the only capital for which development can prosper. 

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