Nkambe CPDM Has No Natural Candidate For Parliament, Mayorship – Section President

By Ignatius Nji

Section President Ngala Gerard Addresses the Conference
The CPDM Section President for Donga Mantung I, Ngala Gerard, took many by surprise when he declared at a joint subsection conference that held in Mbuwat village recently that CPDM Nkambe has no natural candidate for the post of Parliament or Mayorship.
He said the most qualified would be supported and allowed to run unlike in the opposition wherein only the same persons are presented as candidates year in year out.
The young politician who put to test his political savvy in 2013, said when he came out to campaign for the CPDM, he intimated that if the party wins and fails to deliver, the people should vote the opposition in 2018.
In just three years in office the CPDM-run council has carried out projects that speak for themselves and these projects would campaign for the CPDM in the next elections, he said. An elated Section President, who has earned the appellation of young political catalyst in Donga Mantung, urged many more youths to get into the fold and aspire for elective positions given that no tags are pasted on elective positions as is the case in other political parties. “
Ngala narrated how he took the courage virtually alone in 2013 to challenge the old order in Donga Mantung politics of deception and today he is very happy that many more young and powerful elite like Dr. Nforgwei Rogers have come to join the powerful team in Mbuwat to propagate the truth in politics.
Ngala Gerard reminded the people that politics is a game of interest and every community must be able to pinpoint what any aspirant or political party has done and are planning to do for the people.
On his part, Nforgwei Rogers called on his people to abandon darkness and come out to light. To him development should be the main stay in politics and that he came back home to join his people to develop his area and that the first step towards this change is the identification with where things happen and CPDM happens to be the party that ensures development.
He has come to join forces with those who have already started effecting the much needed change in the likes of Ngala Gerard, Musa Shey Nfor, Chifu George and others. To him, change for the better is a matter of urgency given that his people have suffered alot for want of proper education on how politics works. The massive carpet crossing in to the CPDM is indicative that the people are beginning to understand now that they, the children of the area are talking to them.