Northwest Weekly Roundup

Are Politicians Manipulating Oku Population Against The ‘Boyses?’,

By Ignatius Nji

The recent move to intensify calls for more communities to chase away separatist fighters is gaining steam in most parts of Oku. After Ibal villagers jointly asked the fighters to leave their community, another community came out in their numbers to ask the separatist fighters to move away from the community. According to these villagers the presence of separatist fighters makes the people vulnerable to attacks from government forces. Separatist leaders claim that politicians in far away Yaounde, are behind this call and are busy manipulating the people after failing to defeat the fighters with soldiers in an armed conflict that has been on for more than five years. 

After bracing courage at the public square, next day, reports from Oku stated that some of those who volunteered to invade Amba camps ended up being captured by separatist fighters while others escaped for their life. 

Bambui Deserted, UBa Halts Classes

Following a shootout in Bambui and near the Bamenda University campus, students and staff were advised to stay off campus for a week. 

                Separatist Fighters had taken Bambui hostage and imposed a lockdown Tubah in protest of the killing of a family head along side his two sons. Report say the military acted on a tipoff by a relative that his brother was a supporter of separatist movement and he and his sons were providing spiritual aid to separatist fighters. This setup according to information gathered from family sources stating that the deceased has been on a land squabble with his brother and the matter has been dragging on since. It is claimed that he used the opportunity to brand his elder brother and link him to Separatist activity for forces to take him out which he succeeded. 

Ndop Gendarmarie Wages War Against Adherents Of Ghost Towns

        Captain Bakari who refers to self as one man soldier, has embargoed traders who observe ghost towns not to open shops on normal days. Some of these shops ended up in rubbles as fire is lite to the whole investment.

This act has affected the flow of traffic from Bamenda to Kumbo and Nkambe. Separatist fighters in the area also swore that activities in Ndop market are halted. 

NW, Lawyers Told To Up Their Game Economically

Renowned law Professor, Barrister Titanji has told lawyers in the NW region not to sell cheap. Lawyers should ensure that their honorarium is paid before opening up to any client. According to Prof Titanji, the services of a lawyer should not be for free after acquiring knowledge at a cost. Lawyers should dress decently and avoid places flooded by commoners and before greeting anybody let the person pay the honorarium. People trickily get advise from different lawyers on the same subject for free and finds selves out of a situation without paying a franc to a lawyer. 

This call was made during a one day seminar organized in Bamenda to empower lawyers on how to earn their honorarium from clients. 

Separatist Fighter Killed In Bui

A separatist fighter by name ‘General’ Isobu in Bui was reportedly killed by his former colleagues in a gunbattle at Romajaiy on Friday April 8, 2022. He is said to have led an attack on other fighters where he lost his life. According to one of the separatist leader Daniel Ngong, he says Isobu was a good fighter who got himself brainwashed by some separatist leaders in the diaspora. Isobu became not only a torn in the flesh of other fighters in Bui but a menace to the population with his inelastic demands. After several failed plea for him to repent from his ways, he was forced to be eliminated by his own former colleagues who now belong to what they call unity force of Bui. 

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