Northwest Weekly Roundup

By Ignatius Nji

Chomba,Nkor Villages Under Military Siege

Chomba, located15 minutes’ drive from Bamenda city and village fell under neutralization mission by government forces as they stormed the area on tipoff that an Amba camp had been erected in that locality. It was Wednesday September 12 at 5 am, a contingent of military men armed to the teeth, stormed the Chomba neighborhood and opened fire on suspected Amba fighters. There was heavy gun battle and five hours later, four of the gang members  with two girls inclusive were captured alongside their dane guns with other electronic equipment. A curious elderly woman, who stepped out of her house to findout what was going on with so many gunshots, caught a bullet in her stomach from the barrel of  government forces.

Reports from Nkor in Bui states that government forces confronted Amba fighters in that Subdivision and both sides recorded heavy casualties. The number of deaths on the side of Amba fighters is not known as sources say four soldiers fell from Ambadane gun. Houses were set ablaze in Ngebtang and Meh villages and accusing fingers are pointing at soldiers.

Courts Paralyzed

Amba fighters have paralyzed the courts in the Northwest with the several kidnappings of Court presidents and state counsels. Apart from the courts in Bamenda, all other courts are nonfunctional for fear of kidnap. Lawyers with cases in these courts are practically grounded and are unable to move to places like Nkambe where there is less tension as far as the ongoing crisis is concern. Some court presidents and state counsels have vacated their post and have elected residence either in the regional capital or out of the Region. With this development, the Attorney General for the Northwest Region issued a communiqué recently calling on those who have vacated their posts to report back at their divisions of service or face severe disciplinary sanction.

Fleeing DOs Ordered Back To Work

The Presidency has instructed MINAT to have all Divisional Officers  who are currently fleeing their areas of command reinstalled in their various divisions. Most Subdivisions in the Northwest are without the administrative Heads. They are said to have escaped from the threatening Amba fighters, who have successfully burnt down their offices and residents. Furu-awa, Ngie, Benakuma, Oku, Batibo, Bali, Belo, Njinikom, Ndu, Njikwa and Mbengwi are highest hit. In all 15 of the 34 subdivisions are affected and should the Divisional Officers be reinstalled they would have to look for rented structures to start all over again.

Blocked Bafut-Wum Road Reopens

Government forces have successfully cutoff all the tree trunks that the Amba fighters used to block the Bafut/Wum road. The road had been blocked for almost three weeks. The military used chainsaws to cut off the heavy tree trunks.             The military had a serious confrontation with the Amba fighters at Bafut and report say both sides recorded heavy casualties both in injury and death. Two military trucks are said to have gone up in smoke. So far it was reported that 11 Amba fighters and armless civilians were killed in Bafut while on the part of the military no exact figures of deaths could be gotten.

Two Abducted In Njinikom

Amba fighters on a secret operation in Njinikomare said to have caught two youngmen, all Francophone, on their way to Fundong in Boyo Division. The duo were apprehended day breaking Friday September 14 after a tip off and said to be going to meet others who had earlier been dispatched to same Fundong probably on a mission.

Dibwele Antoine Luc is from Littoral and Tchancoua Gilbert is from the West region who upon interrogation revealed that they were part of the squad that carried out the Akum attacks on Amour Mezam buses and killing one driver.

According to information from their interrogators as circulated on social media, the boys are linking their activities to some government officials who had hired them to disguise as Amba fighters. Eden keeps the identity of the government official for reasons that it has not been established beyond reasonable doubts and more so it is still an accusation that might just be baseless. Since the attack on buses on the Akum stretch, government had blamed it on Amba fighters and the IG had counter accused the government of masterminding the attacks to blame it on Amba fighters.

Tadu Village Razed

Tadu village in Kumbo Subdivision witnessed another series of houses burnt down after military invasion of the locality on Friday afternoon. This occurred after a confrontation between Amba fighters and the military some days back. Villagers deserted the village for the bushes, fearing what happened to them last year, when a Gendarmerie officer was knifed to death by unknown armed men at a checkpoint few kilometers from the village proper.

NW Governor Tightens Noose In Security

Northwest Governor Lele L’afrique, to add to the already heavy weight of curfew, ordered that thorough checks on luggage at checkpoints be intensified. The Chief executive of the region made public this order at a press briefing he had with media practitioners in the Region. He reiterated that these are security measures aimed at protecting persons and properties.  He said that the search intensity is occasioned by the fact many dangerous people are taking advantage of the crisis to smuggle weapons and drugs to perpetrate havoc in the Region. Any driver caught transporting a “terrorist” would be treated like a “terrorist”, Lele L’afrique said.

The Governor called on parents to convince their children to leave the bushes and return to normal live and that those who have taken up arms should surrender them to the forces of law and order in order to benefit from psychological and other support which will enable them live normally again. He advised the diaspora to stop encouraging young people in to committing mayhem in the communities with the killings and kidnappings recorded on daily bases. While on the other hand he called on economic operators to continue doing business in tranquility and in respect of the rule of law.


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