Ntarbang, Ntamulung Get Flowing Taps Amidst Water Scarcity

By Philo Happi

Thursday March 31, 2022 turned out to be a remarkable day for the quarters of Old Town and Ntamulung as water points worth 15millionFCFA were inaugurated simultaneously in these communities.

           Imam Mustapha Mohammadu the Quarter Head of Ntarbang commonly known as Old Town sent out his gratitude on behalf of the population within a water scarcity period in the City of Bamenda. 

He expressed his gratitude saying, in the Islamic culture the greatest help you can offer a human being is water 

           He also said, he is blessed as quarter head and an electrical engineer to witness this form of kindness from the council averring that he was grateful that Old Town was chosen by the mayor to be a beneficiary out of the 78 quarters that make up Bamenda II council. The Imam further announced that he was using this opportunity to take the water point project as a form of unity and reconciliation within the region and the nation at large.

          On his part Mayor Peter Chenwi, applauded the collaboration of the Old Town community, health wise. 

           The Mayor C explained he realised old town has been calm prior to the crisis that has lasted for about 6 years now. So he thought it wise to reach out with this gesture by providing a comfortable environment for their responsible and organized behaviour.

    The cholera outbreak is believe to have been a push factor to this gesture since old town is populated and he is happy the population showed gratitude towards the new project the Council just implanted.

              The population was cautioned by one of the regional councilors from Ntarbang, Nchinda Robert that they will be opportune to enjoy other developmental projects if they manage better the water points.

           The CEO of the Njanka Borehole construction that did the construction made some assurances that the water is guaranteed for life due to the quality of work done.

             Similarly, a solar generated water borehole was offered to the Ntamulung neighborhood while a manual borehole was offered to Mulang quarter within the Bamenda II municipality.

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