Senator Challenges Minader To Invest In Sector, Curb ‘Bush Falling’        

By Ignatius Nji                 

     Senator Buh Sule of Menchum took the Minister of Agriculture and rural development to task over the laxity with which government was handling food production in the country.

      The member of the upper house told Minister Mbairobe that agriculture alone, if properly invested in, can halt the massive youth exodus from rural areas to the cities and from the cities to abroad risking lives through the deserts and seas.                                 

        Buh Sule himself a farmer questioned why Gabon which five years ago got palm seedlings from Cameroon is today one of the biggest supplier of palm oil and other related products to Cameroon. 

          Cameroon has vast rice production potentials left fallowing and is concentrated in importing rice of doubtful quality from Asia. Blue Sule in the Northwest alone Gayama production basin in Menchum, Obang in Mezam not to talk of Ngoketunjia, all have the capacity to produce more rice than Cameroonians need yet the ministry is showing less interest in having government funding in this sector. 

           The Senator was bitter that collaborators of the Minister of Agriculture in the field are not helping matters given that they are not available to guide local farmers on how to improve on yields. And to make matters worse, food produce in rural areas such Gayama end up in Nigeria because of lack of farm-to-market roads within Cameroon. Local Farmers who don’t have access to other markets like Nigeria continue to suffer post harvest losses given that most of the crops get rotten for want of preservation techniques and storage facilities.

             On the question of roads, Hon. Sule also questioned the Minister of Public works on on the Ring road has gone which to him nothing is afoot yet. He said last year the African Development Bank made available 109 billion for the road project and this year another allocation of 27 billion for same ring road whereas no work has commenced.

    Said he: “..Mr Minister I heard of National Broadcaster talking about works to commence from Kumbo to Nkambe, Misaje, Dumbu, Sabongida and border with Nigeria…. Looking at Lake Nyos,  I think another contractor be apportioned the stretch Misaje to Nyos, Weh and Wum to provide access in case of an eventuality the area can be accessed…”.

    With the heavy traffic on Bamenda/Wum road, the Senator told the works Minister to also consider that stretch lamenting that as Senator he goes to Wum on a motorbike because of the state of road.                              

         The Senator in his third submission saluted the Minister of water and energy for supporting a giant water project in Wum. He called on the Minister to instruct his collaborators in the field to fast track the completion of that project which has cost the State about Fcfa 115 million.

      In the same vein, Senator Buh Sule questioned why Menchum Fall electricity dam project which can supply the West, Southwest, Northwest and parts of Nigeria if harnessed, is not being prioritized for construction when Memvele had failed to supply the whole country. 

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