Soccer Used To Promote Development, Peace

By Ignatius Nji

Promoters of Golden Age Soccer (GOLDAS) hold that the world can use the game of football to ignite human consciousness that would ensure good governance, global unity in diversity, peace and development given that some roles have to be innovated and approach improved upon.
Speaking recently in Bamenda at GOLDAS extra-ordinary general also attended by officials of the Cameroon National Youth Council, Dr Nabil (President) reiterated that GOLDAS, which is the brainchild of Peace Ushers Foundation, is an emergency stimulus for Cameroon in its Vision 2035.
As to the choice of soccer to drive home this holistic project, the Coordinator of GOLDAS, intimated that soccer is almost treated as a universal religion and as such it can be considered a better platform to address and solve global crisis.
“We hold strong that soccer has an irresistible gravitational power that affects people emotionally and psychologically. From this perspective, we believe that if values are incarnated in this industry of talent and rationally used to uphold human values, we can use this industry to reconcile the world, integrate the world and pacify the world,” Dr. Nabil said. The programme, which is already appreciated and incorporated by some sports federations in South Africa, GOLDAS want to spread out to the world beginning from Cameroon given that the country is a soccer nation.
Dr. Nabil says the Presidency of the Republic is already in possession of GOLDAS’ programme and the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education has already given a pass mark, awaiting some formalities to qualify for state subvention and incorporated in FENASCO ‘A’ and ‘B’ games. The Ministries of Secondary and Basic Education have been contacted with very positive responses.
Dr. Nabil holds that GOLDAS is born after a meticulous thinking, to satisfy dreams of the past and prepare those of the future. He adds that at the level of GOLDAS, thousands must be trained and employed as GOLDAS match officials and administrators. Given that GOLDAS would eventually set up a sport equipment manufacturing industry, it would also create employment to thousands as well as the GOLDEN fries department, the Television Station, GOLDAS academy doing same round the world.
For the immediate programme, GOLDAS has to train and recruit soccer counselors to accompany players with the sole objective of pricking their consciences.
Gradually GOLDAS shall introduce three sanction cards; white, red and black, introduce a jersey of letters not numbers and spherical pitch for players.
Dr. Nabil, stressed that, “at this critical juncture in the history of our evolution, when natural forces and manmade forces are threatening our existence with extinction, instead of fighting, dividing, killing ourselves and giving room for already identified enemies which disunity is making it difficult to handle, it will be best to sink our material differences and form a common united front to fight our common global enemies such as global warming, HIV/AIDS, economic depressions and others. Let us lower walls into bridges, let’s take our brothers and sisters by hand and walk across the bridges to the land of peace.”
GOLDAS has already opened registration for a two-week training programme for Game administrators, Delegates, Counselors, Knight and Generals and graduates would be certified by Witswaterand University of South Africa.

Guests Pose With Members of GOLDAS