Teachers’ Strike: Detained Principal Released

By Bama Cham
The principal of Government Bilingual High School Muea in Buea Subdivision, Mbeke Richard, was last week detained in relation to the strike by teachers.
Mbeke Richard was arrested and detained at a Buea-based Police Station on 24 November. He was however, later released on 25 November 2016.
The reason for his arrest is not yet certain as no official statement has filtered out. All attempts to get his side of the matter were futile.
Sources hinted this reporter that his arrest might be connected to his alleged attempts to compel the French section of the institution to go on strike. It is alleged that as he proceeded to enforce the decision, die-hard Francophone teachers purportedly reported to the Governor whom, we gathered, may have ordered the arrest.
However, another school of thought purports that the principal, Mbeke Richard, is accused of hoisting the blue and white flag, believed to be that of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, on campus. The police are reported to have stormed the school when allegations that the SCNC was holding a meeting in the school spread. But on arrival, the police are said to have instead met a class of teachers who were strategizing methods to assist students in the examination classes.
It is against this background check among others that Mbeke was arrested, our sources claimed.
All Anglophone teachers are currently on strike demanding government to redress the assimilated English subsystem of education among other demands.

Buea DO Tour Schools
Meanwhile, as the planned sit in strike action took off effectively, Monday 21 November, the Divisional Officer for Buea, Wokam Paul, visited some secondary and primary schools to hand down firm instructions to principals and head teachers to report teachers who were party to the strike.
Teachers were advised to organised PTA meetings Saturday in their respective institutions so as to encourage parents to send their children to school come Monday.
Some head teachers and principals, who spoke to Eden, confided that over their dead bodies will such meetings take place.

Taxi, Bike Businesses Almost Grounded
The business climate in Buea witnessed a slow pace, unlike the past when students kept taxi drivers and bike riders busy. The first week of the indefinite strike sent bad signals to these sectors.

UB Vice Chancellor Clashes With SYNES
Meanwhile, uneasy calm reigned in the campus of the University of Buea last Tuesday 22 November following a highly contested communiqué issued by the, Vice Chancellor, Dr Nalova Lyonga’s, Deans and Directors as a resolution of a meeting of the university.
The commission asserted that classes will resume Wednesday 23 November. It equally urged lecturers to uphold their responsibilities and go on with lectures.
In retaliation against the release, SYNES branch president, Prof Abangma James, counteracted resolutions adopted at the Deans and Directors meeting.
He called for the non boycott of the ongoing strike action until solutions are made.