Trade In Human Heads, Private Parts Resurfaces In Meme

By Kowac K. K. Bandolo
Close to two decades after a man was beheaded in the Mukonje neighbourhood which witnessed a dramatic court defence in the Kumba High Court with the counsel for the defence calling the human head that of a monkey, a string of such macabre acts have again been registered in the villages of Matoh, Ikiliwindi and Barombi in Meme division.
Confirmed reports in the aforementioned villages indicate that a gang of occult practicing men of the under-world have invaded the villages and are surgically chopping off the head of farming women before extracting their private parts. Sources say close to 20 women have been reported missing in the said areas with about 10 bodies found in a bizarre state deprived of some basic parts like the breasts and reproductive organs.
A manhunt has been launched in the said villages with vigilante groups mounted at all angles of the attacked villages. Farmers are today being searched before they enter their farms and all suspects are immediately forwarded to the forces of law and order for interrogations.
It remains unclear who are the brains behind the act but the rumour mill of late pointed an accusing finger to a prominent businessman and farmer in one of the villages. Like every story under the sun, the villagers are working hand-in-glove with the authorities to tract down the killers and their sponsors.
While investigations are hitting up in the division, another recent case tore the administration into bits as a young man in the heart of the Pulletin neighbourhood in Kumba was brutally murdered and his head partially chopped off. The said young who carries on dreadlocks is said to have been retiring to his home very early in the morning when he was attacked believed to be a woman. He is said to have mounted a good resistance before being over powered and killed. The assassins are said to have abandoned the head midway in the process of chopping off the head when a fast rushing bike flashed its light.