Trafficked Child Recovered

By Solomon Tembang

A missing child, Ndoh Bidai Daniel, kidnapped on 15 November 2016 has been found.
The five year old was abducted in Maroua by Salamatou Djibrila 24 years.
According to Gendarmerie sources, the captor, ironically a mother of a 3 year old boy, used candy to lure Ndoh Bidai Daniel at a time he was playing with siblings.
The child was taken from Garoua to Nigeria as part of a trafficking scheme that is recurrent within the Northern Regions of Cameroon.
The parents of the child immediately alerted the forces of law and order and the search for the little boy intensified.
Salamatou Djibrila had financial motivations and planned on selling the child for a yet to be disclosed sum of money.
In Nigeria, the child trafficker, for the deal to mature, unfortunately, got discovered by the aunt of her victim.

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The Nigerian security forces were alerted and the little boy was quickly recaptured from the hands of Salamatou.
They were all conveyed to the Gendarmerie in Garoua where Salamatou unremorsefully detailed her intentions.
The security officials in the Region, on the occasion of this happy end to such a sad story, called on the population to be vigilant and intensify the fight against child trafficking.