Two Buea-Based Journalists Arrested

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

Two journalists were arrested late Thursday in the South West town of Buea, sources said as government continues a crackdown on Anglophone activists.
Security forces seized Atia Tilarius, the Political Desk Editor of The Sun newspaper and, Amos Fofung, the Buea Bureau Chief of The Guardian Post daily in connection with the ongoing Anglophone crisis in the central African nation, Geoffrey Elah, the Editor of The Sun said.
Cameroon’s Anglophones have held grudges against their Francophone brothers for duping them in a post-independence reunification deal, where they expected to be equal partners. They often complain of being treated as second-class citizens.
In 1961, a vote was held in the then Southern Cameroons—today’s English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions, over whether to join Nigeria, which had already obtained independence from Britain, or the Republic of Cameroon, which had obtained independence from France.
Voters elected to become part of French speaking Cameroon, and the country practised a federal system until 1972.
The Anglophone regions have in the recent past resorted to anti-government protests, with some calling for secession.
But the government refuses to budge.
President Paul Biya said in his 2017 New Year address to the nation that Cameroon was one and indivisible.
He said there would be neither federalism nor secession.