Women Group Fines Adulterous Member

By Kowac K. K. Bandolo
In the CDC Rubber Plantation Village of Penda-Boko in Muyuka sub-division, love, sex and witchcraft are real and are practiced for fun and show of ‘who is who’. Recently, in Camp Seven of the plantation, a duly married woman staged an unprecedented show when she bath her concubine with hot water and opened a fight with a love-challenger.
The story goes that the said married woman was ‘officially’ dating the said victim to her mischievous bathing drama. It was secret to nobody that the young man was ‘eating somebody’s forbidden fruit’.
On that fateful day, the married woman spotted her young lover buried in tight romance with another woman. She immediately allowed the devil to take control and rushed back to her house where she steamed water to boiling point and carried it in a cooler to where the unsuspecting lovers were whispering.
With exclamation, she separated the lovers from their jolly act and boiled the content of her cooler unto the face of her concubine